Imperial Point - Durham, NC


Develop a first class restaurant within the Research Triangle Park submarket in response to an unmet market need. Create a sound joint venture investment between The Chapel Hill Restaurant Group and Morris Commercial.

Imperial InteriorMorris Commercial Approach

The Result

A vibrant, well-designed and developed service center anchored by the highly popular MEZ Contemporary Mexican restaurant - one of North Carolina's first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) designed restaurants. The combination of MEZ with a solid mix of successful retail and office users achieved a sound real estate investment for both Morris Commercial and the Chapel Hill Restaurant Group.

"Working with Morris Commercial was like having an ally every step of the way: from the first careful study of the land parcel and project feasibility study to the design and construction of  Imperial Point, with MEZ Contemporary Mexican, North Carolina’s first LEED-designed restaurant, as the centerpiece. Morris was a team member that collaborated with our group to develop and lease an exciting retail service center and a highly successful real estate investment. We look forward to working together on future projects where deep understanding of the community, strong ethics and market knowledge are the hallmarks."

Greg Overbeck
Marketing Director, Partner
Chapel Hill Restaurant Group